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Hi my name is Chrissie aka Rugersmum, Originally I am from Cumbria but have lived in Middlesex since 1999, I live with my partner, our dog - Ruger (sadly passed away 3 Nov 09) and our cats Emily (sadly passed away 17 May 2014) and Dexter(sadly passed away 12 Jan 13). I have been involved with crafting from an early age, having started with knitting and sewing. The last ten years, however, I have turned to paper crafting designing my... Read Full Profile

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Thank you for your purchase of my files! (these terms govern my free templates also)

 I have put a lot of time and effort in the designing and test cutting of my files for your personal use. I hope you enjoy using them as much I have enjoyed designing and using them! Please note that these files are copyright © Christine Rain, Keepsakes by design, 2007/11 and by purchasing/download these files, you are obtaining a license to use them for personal and non-commercial use only and only the original purchaser has the right to use the product in their own personal layouts and/or projects. You do not have permission to sell or share the files themselves. This means that you may not redistribute which includes, but not limited to; copying, lending, duplicating, printing, re-selling) either the products or their content.

You may:

• Use these designs for your own personal layout/project.

• Resize or change these designs for your own personal project.

• Submit your layouts online or for publication using these graphics as long as credit is given to me as the designer.

• You may make Cards and other hand-crafted items, such as 3D models, Envelopes, Gift Boxes & Bags etc with the templates you've purchased from 'Keepsakes by Design' and offer them for sale or donate them to a charity for them to offer for sale only in accordance with my “ANGEL POLICY”. You can view it at www.keepsakes-by-design.co.uk/images/KBD_Terms.pdf

Please do NOT:

• Use these graphics for web templates or web design.

• Change the file in any way and claim it as your own.

• Resell or redistribute any file, through the internet, CD or sharing through e-mail or other method whatsoever.

• Produce die cuts to be sold on the internet, eBay, other site or other method whatsoever.

• Print out items and sell them as printed sheets/templates
You must personally create or handcraft the items you wish to sell. Items produced by any hired employees for the purpose of profit are NOT allowed.
If you experience a problem with any of my files please contact me rugersmum@gmail.com so I can help resolve any issues and feel free to contact me at any time with any questions regarding file usage or cutting instructions.
Thank you again! Chrissie (Rugersmum)

General Instructions

All of my designs include four different formats. Please note that you have purchased the rights to these files. You must not transfer these rights to others, even though you are not going to use all the file types.

File Format/Type

• GSD format ~ to use with Wishblade, Robomaster, Silhouette and other suitable software.

• WPC format ~ to use with Pazzles, Funtime, WinPCSign software and its successors.

• AI format ~ can be used with Photoshop, coral draw and be imported into other suitable software.

• KNK format ~ to use with the Klic n Kut cutting machine.

• SVG Format ~ can be imported into Inkscape, coreldraw, SCAL and other compatible software
General information for all of my files:

Some of these files take several minutes to cut due to the number of lines. Depending on age and condition of your blade and mat, you may be able to cut the file at a somewhat smaller size. I do not recommend resizing any of my Mesh/lattice files to a drastically smaller size as due to the intricacy of these files it could result in the loss of detail and miss-cutting.

To use the files, first open the cutting /software program for your machine. Then, just select the file you wish to use by going to FILE >OPEN, and then browsing for the folder where you have saved the file. Then, browse for the file format for the software that you are

using. Double click to open the file. (Not all formats allow you to just double click to open them for instance the WPC format open by double click in Windows Explorer.)


All lines shown as DASHED are meant to be cut as a dashed line unless I have indicated otherwise.

In some instances & in the interest of the design you may see the cutting lines extend beyond the cutting area & you will need to cut these last pieces manually with a paper trimmer, it is also important that you place your card/paper carefully and accurately.

General GSD information for all of my files

If a file is shown with more than one coloured line and you wish to cut one line colour at a time, just go to OUTPUT SETTINGS>CUTTING SETTINGS>CUTLINE SETTINGS and place a tick next to the line colour you wish to cut, load your paper and cut. Repeating with the other line colours and different coloured paper until all colours/pieces are cut.

Please make sure you set the dashed (fold) and cut lines correctly – I mainly use 1.3mm cut segment and 3.8mm spacing (OUTPUT SETTINGS>CUTTING SETTINGS>CUTLINE SETTINGS)

General WPC information for all of my files:

The lines in the WPC files are usually all grouped together. In order to break the lines apart, you need to click the required part of the image to select it, and then click SHAPE>BREAK GROUP. I usually cut the dashed lines first using the following settings KissCutx2 - Blade = 1
General KNK Information:

Open up your KNK program and then navigate to the file that you are wishing to cut. Please make sure that when you are cutting any file that has dashed lines, they need to go to CUT>PLOTTING DEFAULTS, and set the pounce feature also make sure that their file is set as SIGN BLANK. (You only need to do this for the sections that are meant to be cut with detailed dashed lines inside the cut. For all other cuts, if you use the PAGE setting, then you can cut your piece at the point where you set your origin, saving paper!)

Pazzles, Funtime, or WinPCSign users go to the Cutting Panel in the center of the top tool bar and click on the icon that looks like a cutting blade. Click on the color you wish to cut from the paper currently in your cutter. If you wish to select more than one color, hold the Shift key down while selecting all of the line colors you wish to cut. Set the pressure and cutting speeds in the appropriate windows in the Cutting Control Panel, and click on Start when you are ready to begin cutting.

Wishblade and CraftROBO users need to select cut lines by going to FILE>OUTPUT SETTINGS. Then click on the Cutting Settings Tab, and select Cutline Settings. Click on the line color(s) you wish to cut. If you want to cut any of the lines as dashed lines, click on the arrow to the right of the colors to select dashed lines.

Illustrator Bridge: If you are cutting directly from Illustrator using the Illustrator bridge then you need to go to FILE> WISHBLADE, and choose settings, or FILE>CRAFTROBO and choose settings.

From Pazzles to CraftROBO: To cut using directly from the Pazzles software to your CraftROBO, use FILE>PRINT, and select your cutter as the printer. Select Preferences and choose the desired settings from that window.

PLEASE -Make sure you check your cut line settings before cutting!

Permission Notice

*All images and files have been designed and created by Keepsakes-by-design. Please do not alter our files in any way and claim that they are your own design and sell. We work very hard on designing the templates for your personal use. Please do not share our files with your friends... Share the link to our site!! :) Thanks for your understanding and support!