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Hi my name is Chrissie aka Rugersmum, Originally I am from Cumbria but have lived in Middlesex since 1999, I live with my partner, our dog - Ruger (sadly passed away 3 Nov 09) and our cats Emily (sadly passed away 17 May 2014) and Dexter(sadly passed away 12 Jan 13). I have been involved with crafting from an early age, having started with knitting and sewing. The last ten years, however, I have turned to paper crafting designing my... Read Full Profile

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16 September 2009
I was so sad to here that Patrick Swayze has lost his fight against cancer..

Like most of my generation there will be a sense of loss and sadness - Dirty Dancing is still one of my favourite films and my sister and I have seen this film - well I an not going to tell you how many times!! we watched the video repeately one weekend and could recite the whole script without any problem. He battle through the pain to the end like the fighter he was RIP


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